van Ranisberk Dobermanns (english)

Near the city of 's-Hertogenbosch, in rustic areas, at the village Vinkel we live with our dogs.

On this site, we give you information about the Doberman in general, our dogs, but also photos, results and more information.

Originally raised with Dobermans, thereby driven by love, with much experience and knowledge, we mainly focus our for a Healthy, but also Beautiful and Stable Dobermann.

IMG 0245Occasionally we breed a litter. Naturally the puppies are born at home and grow up in our family. More information can be found under the link -News.

The dogs we use for breeding are all tested with good results on HD, eye diseases PHPV / PHTVL, vWD (hemophilia) and DCM (heart disease) as it currently is scientifically proven.

With this we breed by regulations ‘Breeding Rules of DVIN’ (Dutch Dobermann Club) and the ‘Breeding rules of the Dutch Kennelclub’(Raad van Beheer Netherlands).

Titles may be impressive, we are certainly so proud of the health of our dogs!

We post regular updates! Visit our website regularly.

Please…. Do feel free to ask, of course, feel free to contact us.

We hope you enjoy our site!